Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sophisticated Dorm Room Design

For many, heading off to college means freedom. But dorm rooms are often compared to jail cells, at least when it comes to design. Stiff single beds, clunky, oversized desks and too-tiny closets are common at many universities.

But with a little ingenuity, these small spaces can be transformed into stylish sanctuaries.

Interior designer and event planner Minoo Hersini, who runs Au Ciel Design Studio in NY, shares her expertise on how to create that perfect modish dorm room.

- Your goal is to be organized, not to have clutter and various collections.
- Most dorm rooms are shared, therefore, it is vital to have a functional living/study space. Considering that you have to furnish your entire room, use modular/platform beds with drawers or a trunk. Here, you will have a clean and modern look and you will have storage space underneath which will prevent clutter. Also, add one bedside table that is shared between the two beds.
- For simplicity, use solid colors for sheets and bed covers with accent of prints, stripes or plaids for cushions. You can always mix and match your accessories.
- In regards to lighting, use wall-mounted lighting and insert lighting on the wall next to the bed for reading. Additionally, you can use floor lamps for extra lighting if necessary.
- Another neat and multi functional piece of furniture is a trunk/cabinet. Here, you can store books, CDs and DVDs. Also, you can throw on a couple of cushions in order to create additional seating space.
- Since most students use laptops, you can eliminate desks.
- Lastly, creating a wall cork panel framed to compliment the colors in the room is a clever way of displaying pictures, memos and invitations.

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