Monday, May 3, 2010

Up to 70% off Rose Tree

Luxury linens and bedding that boast beautiful details and refinement. Up to 70% off Rose Tree at Hautelook for a limited time!

Rose Tree was founded by Lydia Rose in 1979 as the first manufacturer of tailored placemats. A former ready-to-wear designer, Lydia has used her unparalleled experience and design expertise to develop the Rose Tree luxury line of bedding and table linens.

Today, Rose Tree is still a family owned company and employs about 40 people in Dallas, Texas. Each of us are dedicated to providing you with quality, fashion-forward, and detail-oriented domestics at a reasonable price.

Some of their new collections are imported but many of their clearance collections along with their table linens are still made in the USA at their Dallas, Texas factory.

The Rose Tree repertoire is characterized by design innovations and an ardent attention to detail. They have gone to extraordinary lengths to develop these unique designs to lend an air of elegance and refinement to your bedroom.

The superior workmanship and timeless elements will ensure that your new ensemble will continue to appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities for years to come.

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