Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Décor

She was a film icon, fashion symbol and philanthropist. She was the very definition of the word 'elegance.' Her name was Audrey Hepburn, star of over 30 films that spanned the Golden Age of Hollywood and beyond. She had a style all her own—until now. Welcome to our Audrey Hepburn collection, where every piece of décor here has been inspired by the style of this leading lady.

It's All About The Diamonds Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

Black Mirage Cabinet, Was $1,268 Now $649.99

'Who's Going To Stop Me' Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

'A Good Idea' Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

Dress Form Jewelry Hook Holder, Was $35.00 Now $17.99

Classy Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

Venetian Crystal Chandelier & Shades, Was $230.00 Now $149.99

'Walk Like You Have' Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

London Side Table, Was $788.00> Now $399.99

Autumn in Paris Art Print, Was $169.00 Now $19.99

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